Diamonds…of Romance and Loving.

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How to buy the perfect ring…

Anyone who has ever seen a stunning display of natural wonder knows that special feeling that suddenly enveloped their entire being. An incredible fiery sunset, the majesty of a Grand Canyon, a first vision of Earth from space, or an exquisite perfect orchid bloom in a dark forest glade each could evoke such an overwhelming feeling.

After half a century of experience with diamonds, we at have the unique pleasure of this same feeling every time we hold and examine a beautiful diamond stone.

It can literally take your breath away with its beauty, and sitting loose on a black velvet cloth it is like the most beautiful woman ever created, waiting alone for the one who would love her most.

Diamond rings are romance as they evoke mental images of romantic settings, moments and palpable memories. More than items for sale, diamond rings are a passion for us, each one of them and all of them, because no two are identical and each has its own fire and allure. But a secret romance between a beautiful diamond and an appreciative voyeur, conducted in a dark vault or solitary room is an unfulfilled love.

Passion and fulfillment can exist only when such beauty is ultimately taken, loved and cherished by another. And that is the satisfaction of which, and reason why exists. Our mission and purpose is to find the perfect love for each perfect diamond ring.

A perfect beauty for its ideal Lady or Prince in waiting. We make no secret of our satisfaction when we are able to create that sudden catch of breath in a customer and deliver to him or her the dazzling diamond ring that makes the heart beat faster. It is our pleasure to help create such magic for you and we anticipate it each day.

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Choices, More Choices….Good Grief, Help!!

We have been in the diamond and diamond ring business for about 40 years so we have a bit of experience with these things. Besides this, all of our top staff people are married so we also have some personal experience in the ring buying business.

So, based on all of this when you ask us “Which ring will be perfect for me?” we can say with absolute certainty, ”We don’t know. There is no single and simple answer that will automatically zero you in on the right choice.”

Because picking the perfect ring is like picking the perfect life-mate…it is a personal preference based on many things that cannot be measured, displayed or even described. Perfect for me might be ho-hum for you so what to do?

First and foremost, we must recognize there are as many styles and types of engagement and wedding ring as there are women who will wear them. Just a quick review of the many offered in our departments should be evidence of the problem this poses. The starting point then is maybe the most valuable tool you possess in this task….you know the woman who will wear it better than anyone else.

You know her likes, dislikes, her personality and style, the type of clothes she likes and wears, the colors she prefers, and the intensity of the love she holds for you. Keep all of this in mind as we navigate some other helpful tips.

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